2024 / Kantian Year


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València, Kantian city

On the occasion of Immanuel Kant’s birth tercentenary (1724-2024), all kinds of events will take place in València: conferences, book presentations, seminars, a virtual exhibition, an essay competition, visits to museums and concerts related to the Kantian era and inspiration… The year will close with the international conference “Kant, then and now”. They will be twelve months for a Kantian year.  




International events calendar
Kant-2024”   updated 


National assay contest announced
2024 edition’s theme: “Revolution Kant”   ongoing 

Lectures “The Great Journey. Introduction to Kant’s Work”
Universitat de València, Nau Gran: Web   ongoing 



April, 24-25: Presentation of the KrV in Catalan translation + international workshop “Translating Kant  new 



Currently being edited: collective volume
Kant, three hundred years later



International conference “Kant, then and now“:
(October, 14-18): ended call for papers


In preparation: Kantian tercentenary concert



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