Presentation and history

The core team of the research group “Kant-València” is made up of philosophers of the department of Philosophy of the University of València and other European and American Universities. We have an expertise in the history of modern and contemporary philosophy and interdisciplinary interests which span across other fields of philosophy (ethics, metaphysics, theory of knowledge and of science) and across other disciplines such as neuroscience and evolutionary epistemology. We are in fruitful relationships with Spanish researchers we have closely worked with (Complutense University, UNED, UPSA and UB among others) and have fruitful relationships with researchers from Germany, Italy, Austria and well as from other countries of the European Union and America.

In this framework, since 2013 we have led the permanent workshop “Kant and the contemporary problems of philosophy” at the Complutense University of Madrid, which takes place since 2020 at the University of València. We have published some collective works (among them Kant y las ciencias, 2011; Perspectivas contemporáneas sobre la filosofía kantiana, 2015). In collaboration with the Society of Kantian Studies in the Spanish Language (SEKLE) we have organized its 4th international conference, under the motto “The actuality of the Critique of pure reason”, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of València (2018).

Our main concern is to explore the contemporary problems of philosophy under the light of the philosophical tradition and specially of German classical philosophy. Special attention is paid to the current validity and limits of the transcendental idealism as well as to dialogue with contemporary issues such as the neuroscientific view of the human being, the evolutionary biology / epistemology and the cutting-edge research in quantum physics.


Research lines

(1) Theoretical research lines:

  • Meaning, reach and limits of transcendental idealism.
  • Possibilities of naturalization of Kantian epistemology.
  • Connections between transcendental idealism and the current scientific view of the world, focusing the perspectives of neuroscience, evolutionary biology / epistemology, quantum physics and artificial intelligence.

(2) Practical research lines:

  • Validity and problems of the Kantian grounding of ethics.
  • Connections of Kantian ethics with the current framework of digital society, animal ethics, environmental rights and pacificism.
  • Kantian contributions to the challenges of cosmopolitan society and to the European politic and cultural project.

(3) Complementary lines:

  • Aesthetics and theory of arts.
  • Philosophy of history; philosopy of religion.
  • Historiographical analysis of the development of Kantian thought.
  • Textual hermeneutics, with special attention to the new translations in Spanish and Valencian / Catalan language.
  • Cartography of the reception of the Kantian thought in the 19th, 20th and 21st century.



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