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On this page you may find the recordings of the events carried out by the Kant-València research group.



Translating Kant. International workshop on the translations of the Critique of Pure Reason
April 24-25, 2024, Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences

Link to the recordings of the event


The Critique of Pure Reason is one of the great works in the history of thought. It has just been translated into Valencian/Catalan, by Miquel Montserrat, in an edition that arrives in bookstores at the beginning of April 2024. In Spanish there are three complete versions. In chronological order, these are the translations by Manuel García Morente, Pedro Ribas and Mario Caimi. In Italian, the most updated version is that of Costantino Esposito. Translating a work like this generates a multitude of problems and gives rise to philosophically risky options. The international workshop “Translating Kant” faces those problems and those options. Key speakers are Pedro Ribas (Autonomous University of Madrid), Mario Caimi (University of Buenos Aires) and Costantino Esposito (University of Bari) as well as Rogelio Rovira (Complutense University), editor of García Morente’s translation. Salvi Turró (University of Barcelona) will introduce the Catalan translation. There will be lectures, debates and round tables. All this, around the Critique of Pure Reason in the year in which we celebrate the tercentenary of Immanuel Kant’s birth.